About us

BRAND STORY: Witnessed the agony faced by individuals going about their daily activities with smelly socks and smelly feet which dampens their confidence. In order to alleviate this awful experience, In June 2011, Eric created SIXDAYSOX, a brand that would keep your feet away from bad smell for 6 days guaranteed, breathable, sweat-absorbent and made anti-static to improve blood circulation.

IN A NUTSHELL: Six days guaranteed from bad smell, effective blood circulation and 24-hour anti-perspirant protection.

MEASURE OF SUCCESS: To date, SIXDAYSOX has given more than 50 million pairs of Socks to individuals in need, has helped eliminate body odor, providing a 24-hour anti-perspirant protection to over 360,000 people, smelly feet. Also, according to report, the anti-bacterial property is higher than the standard, especially after 50 times of washing the socks. 

WHY IT WORKS: The visible founder, Eric himself, tackled the problem of smelly feet and, as a result, redefined the way individual perceive themselves, he tested many materials, then fix the right Anti-bacterial content materials in the socks and found an incredible design of the Socks which is light in weight, comfortable, best for indoor and outdoor sports enthusiast thereby keeping the feet odor free for 6 days.